A project designed by Emma Blæsbjerg

Assignment Description

Now it's time to implement a working online version of your portfolio in the form of a website that you develop from scratch using HTML 5 and CSS 3. Use your prototype as a presentation - maybe you get close to the first draft, maybe Does your project take a new and unexpected creative direction?

You must produce an online version and document your code and project structure at GitHub. We expect:

  • online version of your portfolio on your web site (not via GitHub pages flashes)
  • a repository for your portfolio project
  • An appropriate project structure (file names, folders)
  • error code (validated!)

  • In addition to the technical implementation, it is important that you relate to the following when designing your new website:
  • Who should see my portfolio - who do I address?
  • How do I present myself best?
  • How do I convey what I have learned so far and what I hope to learn in the future?
  • What visual style and mood do I wish for my portfolio?
  • How can I give my portfolio a personal touch?
  • Abilities gained

    These are the abilities gained doning the assigment

    • Basic HTML 5 and CSS 3
    • Technical knowledge about the internet
    • Knowledge of an IDE (integrated development environment)
    • Version management via GitHub

    The process

    Online solution "portfolio"


    For this project, there was no documentation along the way, but on the other hand, I focused on the development of "Drøm din portfolio", as well as using a clear GitHub strategy.
    Link: GitHub strategi


    Nice structure and good content.
    Slightly busy navigation to open the burger menu every time - and on "About" it does not work.
    Page loads slowly as the pictures are very (too) big. But they are great.


    Link Online solution