A project designed by Emma Blæsbjerg

Assignment Description

The purpose of the portfolio is to present and document your academic level and showcase your professional development and make you aware of what you have worked with and what you have learned.

The final exam project on the 1st semester has two focus areas:
1. Complete redesign of your portfolio
2. Updating the portfolio content.
Link: Exam questions

The process

Online solution"portfolio"


For this purpose, I intend to document the development of the prototype, as well as describe the choices I have taken, for example. design, layout, etc.
It describes how the task is tackled in terms of solutions.
The process is documented in Danish.
Link: Development




"The assigment is completed beyond exented of the exams question."
"The entire website plays in colors, images and content"
"It gives a good picture of your personality which is well expressed"

Reflections on my learning
1. semester

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