A project designed by Emma Blæsbjerg

Assignment Description

The little fictional website Sweetbot needs your help. The company specializes in the following areas:

  • Web Development
  • Digital security
  • Branding

  • Sweetbot is internationally oriented and consists of 4 employees and 2 CEOs. Sweetbot wants to implement a Danish version of their website. The site must be optimized for mobile devices and Sweetbot also wants to include jQuery elements in the solution.

    In addition to the technical solution, you are also asked to bid for visual elements and information architecture for the site.

    Sweetbot has just developed their own e-commerce solution under the name HotBot, but lacks a logo as well as icons for the solution. This should also be developed and demonstrated in the online website solution. The logo must also be added to the current guide page.

    Last but not least, you must make a user test of the site.

    Abilities gained

    These are the abilities gained doning the assigment

    • Implementation of design guidelines
    • Knowledge of web responsive design
    • Knowledge of jQuery plugins
    • Project Planning

    The process

    Online solution Sweetbot


    For this purpose, I intend to document the development of the prototype, as well as describe the choices I have taken, for example. design, layout, etc.
    It describes how the task is tackled in terms of solutions.
    The process is documented in Danish.

    Link: Development


  • "I'm confused with the HotBot logo"
  • "Maybe some more colors or coherent layouts / images"
  • "Shortcut on the frontpage"
  • "Replacement of "HotBot" in the menu"
  • Redesign

    Link Online solution

    Items to be changed on the website:

    - Enjoy HotBot logo
    - Just icons on the front page / new cover page
    - More colors or images
    - Shortcut on the front
    - Location of HotBot in the menu

    The idea, with the remake of Sweetbot, was based on the user test and the comments received at the presentation. The idea to start was to create a One page where the menu can jump on the page, as well as a separate page for web design, internet security and branding, as well as HotBot.

    In addition, it was meant that all the current information about the company, staff, contact possibilities, and introduced to the company's chores and skills should be provided.

    It was emphasized that it should be simple (elegant) and that there should be some elements that should break, that it is a One page page.
    In addition, a new logo has been created for HotBot, as the user test showed that many were disdained over the text of the previous logo. The idea of the logo was one that should be simple, as well as fit the style of the webpage.

    In addition, the page has been made more contemporary and user-friendly, understood in the sense that it is easier for the user to use, as well as retrieve the information they have come across.

    Since the remake is a prototype on the earlier website, the menu or diversion on the page does not work. However, in a further development it should be possible to press menu items and then be directed down to the desired area of the page. Additionally, it should be possible to print HotBot startup and then start creating their own website.

    In addition to that, it should be possible to print one of the three images, with the company's greatest features: web design, internet security and branding. Here, they should look further on each side, which describes more clearly what the website offers for the site.